Staff Zal dedication

Today the Gan Yisroel family joined together with R’ Yerachmiel Jacobson in dedicating the new staff zal in honor of his father R’ Betzalel Jacobson A”H.  They were addressed by Rabbi Barrus, Rabbi Shemtov, and Rabbi Krinsky. On behalf of the CGI family we would like to thank our sponsors  for our beautiful new zal-R’ Yerachmiel Jacobson, R’ Dovid Junik, R’ Dov Sperlin, R’ Yossi Katz, and R’ Zalman Schochet.

Bog war!!!

The three head counselors walked into the dining room covered in bandages to the surprise of the campers. Suddenly the cheer of “BOG WAR” erupted around the room. Like that , the greatest bog war in camp history kicked off. Three teams- Ahavas Hashem, Ahavas Yisrael, and Ahavas HaTorah-led by their amazing generals were neck and neck throughout the war, from the first tefillah to the scavenger plays to the halacha skit through MBP and to the plays at the end of this truly amazing war.