Camp Gan Israel 5770 campers across the country Davening with extra Kavana thanks to Nosson Deitsch OBM

This year, campers in Gan Israel Overnight Camps all over the country are learning about the history and order of the daily Tefillos.

The beautiful color “Va’ani Tifeelusee” booklet designed by Spotlight Design goes through the first half of davening – from Modeh Ani till Kaddish following Yishtabach. Every Tefilla is accompanied by a relevant part from Gemora pertaining to that part of Davening. There are also the Halochos, Minhagim and history of how that Tefilla was compiled and why it is in that place in davening. A short chassidic thought and story are included as well.

At the end of each Tefilla there are review questions.

The project was researched by a team of bochurim from 770, in their spare time, in memory of their friend Nosson Deitsch OBM.

The second booklet will go through the rest of the Teffilos till Oleinu.