At last night’s Staff Play, campers were whisked back to the 16th century, to the times of the Maharal and his Golem. As the sinister plot unfolded, campers cheered, cried, laughed, and sighed, as the realistic drama took surprising twists and turns, until the unexpected finale, where the tables were turned and the plot backfires, amidst great joy and the hope that there will come a time when there will be no more pain or sorrow among the Jewish people, and we will be reunited in Yerushalayim with Moshiach very soon!


Campers aimed high at yesterday’s Grand Trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. Whether it was taking on the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, winning huge prizes, or making a massive Kiddush Hashem, campers did it all and had a great time! Pictured are two Bar Mitzvahs made by Gan Yisroel’s staff on their way to the Skycoaster ride.


“It was amazing,” says one camper, returning from last night’s overnight. “You should’ve been there,” said another. As can be expected, those campers who have gone on the overnight last night, have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, paving the way for the other half of camp which will be going tonight. As everything else, Gan Yisroel’s overnights promise great excitement, and they deliver.


The fun and excitement was one of a kind, as campers had a great time throughout this Hiskashrus war. Scavengers, Mishnayos-Baal-Peh, Halachah skits, songs, races, plays, Halachah speeches, and all the way up to the grand sing, the spirit of color war was immense and felt in the air. When the winners were announced, Lo Azav took the victory, but both teams felt accomplished, knowing they had had a great time!


If you’ve asked for originality, Shnoozy’s got it. Shnoozy, Director of Night-Activity at CGI, has come up with an innovative and original pastime for Gan Yisroel’s campers: MATCH THE CAMPER.

Match The Camper is played as follows: A few rows of benches are set up and covered by a cloth. There are spaces in the cloth, which are covered by boxes. Under each box is a camper wearing a colored piece of cloth on his head.

There are two teams. The chosen player of a team taps a box with a stick. The box is lifted, and the camper underneath pops up. The player then taps another box, and the camper under it pops up. If the colors on the two campers match, the player’s team has scored a match. The team with the most matches wins