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A historical drama based on the life of Alexander Yanai, the third Chashmonai king.

His life was a series of tumultuous battles, both abroad, expanding the borders of Eretz Yisroel, and at home, where a bitter civil war was fought between the Tzedokim and the Peroshim – the Chachamim who stood up for authentic Torah Yiddishkeit, and who were persecuted for their courage and beliefs.
Brought to life by the staff of Gan Yisroel, experience this trying time in our history, it’s troubles, politics, and ultimately, it’s redemption.


Levi Strocks, Avremi Baron, Mendy Plotkin, Mendel Gordon, Baruch Ceitlin, Zusha Wernek and Mendel Lieberman

Written and directed by: Yudi Gutnick, Berel Shur and Mendel Denberg

Script: Mendel Chein and Yosef Eagle

Props: Mendy Raitport and Mendel Wenger

Costumes: Mordechai Rozensweig

Backdrops: Moshe Rubin and Chaim Muss

Music: Eli Chitrik, Shmuel Friedman and Elimelech Goldstein

Sound: Shneur Shemtov and Shlomo Friedman

Stage Design: Yosef Bergstein and Zev Prus

Video: Mordy Levilev