The Bench Carried by Three: a Limerick

The Bench Carried by Three: a Limerick

By Reuven Deray

I am made of strong wood and steel
And have quite a splintery feel
I’m older than you
And your father too
More heavy than would be ideal

All summer I am stored away
Just waiting to hear someone say
The time has arrived
Let’s hope it survived
We need the old bench for a play

There never was, never will be
A play being done without me
And all the staff know
I’m star of the show
The bench that is carried by three

And though all the years that I’ve been
Are starting to show on my skin
The boards are quite old
I’ll never be sold
What’s left of my paint is quite thin

Still I will always be there
Yes me the old long rotten chair
I’ll never be done
It’s always such fun
Although I’m in bad disrepair

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