Hiskashrus War 5771!!

Wow! What an amazing Hiskashrus War that was! Directly after Tisha B’Av was over, the Head Lifeguard broke out the news and the camp split into two teams; Maaseh and Talmud. Maaseh focused on the actions that a Yid and a Chossid have to do, while Talmud focused on the great mitzva of learning Torah, and how it leads to performing mitzvos in the best way. Both teams worked really hard to win, by putting on skits and plays, running relay races, doing Mishnayos and Tanya baal peh, and having amazing chayus during davening and bentching.

After two smashing days of excitement, it came time for the finale: the Grand Sing. Each team picked a theme that would represent their team’s idea. The entire Shul was transformed as bleachers were installed, a double decker bus and a time machine sprung up, and a huge gate and a pyramid appeared. All the kids dressed up in the costumes that were hand made by the staff. Maaseh dressed up as British soldiers, to represent their theme of “doing”. Talmud’s campers dressed up as Levi’im from the times of Mitzrayim, to represent their theme of “learning”. There were funny introductory skits, beautiful original songs, grammen, and speeches. There was even a special achdus comedy song that both teams worked together on; it spoke about the need for achdus amid all the competitiveness of Hiskashrus War.

All in all, it was an amazingly fun experience and everyone had a blast!