Hiskashrus War 5771!!

On Sunday afternoon, the camp was visited by two “inspectors” who walked around the camp “inspecting” the grounds and the bunks. Only, they weren’t inspectors, they were the Hiskashrus War breakout!! Head Counselor Moshe Shemtov broke the news to us, and after a speech in the Shul, the camp was split into three teams:
עבר-Tradition, led by General Shimon Gorkin and Lt. Generals Shaykee Farkash and Mendel Blesofsky
הוה-Transition, led by General Simcha Raskin and Lt. Generals Sholom Gelernter and Chezky Weiss
עתיד-Future, led by General Nochum Shapiro and Lt. Generals Sruli Bronstein and Avraham Mishulovin.

The Generals led their teams in their cheers, after explaining to them the meaning of their team’s name in Avodas Hashem. The next 30 hours were packed with fun and excitement as campers worked to improve their Hiskashrus with the Rebbe by reviewing Tanya by heart, working on their Kabolas Ol and Ahavas Yisroel, and singing songs about Heilike Inyonim. As staff members furiously prepared for the plays and scavengers, campers got involved with props, backdrops, and rehearsing their parts. After three plays, three speeches, six scavengers, and countless lines of Tanya, the points were in!

And the winner is……….!!!!עבר (insert water here)