CGI Parksville Announces BMD Staff of 5770


The Bar Mitzvah Division, the oldest division at Gan Yisroel New York, is a small and warm program specially designed for 12-13 year old Bochurim. With a curriculum created and designed by noted Mechanchim worldwide, learning is packed with fun and excitement. The Bochurim enjoy a 1-on-1 chavrusa with talented and Chassidishe staff, introducing them to a world of in-depth Chassidus they’ve never seen. With hours of amazing fun, daily sports and activities, unmatched outings, along with the most caring and energetic staff the boys enjoy the summer of a lifetime.

Director – Yossi Goldberg CH, New York

Director – Raphi Steiner Toronto, Canada

Staff – Leible Ferris Berkley, California

Yosef Junik London, England

Shlomy Katz Monsey, New York

Levi Kirszenberg Brooklyn, New York

Nochum Labkovsky Kfar Chabad, Israel

Duby Lisker CH, New York

Yaakov Perman Santiago, Chile

Yitzchok Pewzner CH, New York

Abby Raskin CH, New York

Special tutors are hired to help the boys prepare for their upcoming Bar Mitzvahs.

This year the camp has announced the opening of numerous brand new beautiful playing fields on their recently purchased land.

Published: June 06 2010