August 2009

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Week in Review
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This past week has been so hectic that it has been hard to find time to sit down and write. That’s right, here in gan yisroel there is never a dull moment, especially as the first month is coming to a close. So on Sunday right after lunch came the announcement: bivouac!!! For those of you out there who haven’t gotten it yet that is the code word here in camp for overnight. We were all very excited as you see its been weeks already that we were chanting the famous bivouac chant, and here what do you know, we’re going. Anyway after packing everything that I might need into my bag we headed down to shul for mincha and then onto the buses. We had such a good time, my friends and I, collecting wood, setting up the campsite and finally supper, maariv and the real bonfire experience. There is nothing as special as sitting around the fire and having your counselor tell you and your bunkmates great stories with great lessons that will last a lifetime.

The next morning we went back to camp, showered, and before you could say “bunk competition” they were announcing the winners. By the way they are bunks zayin, yud-zayin, and chof-daled. Tuesday off they went to Six Flags Great Escape along with all the campers who missed the first grand trip.

Wednesday afternoon by the second activity I knew something was off. All the head counselors were acting real weird and saying things like “the laundry is mixed up” and “were playing stratego” or capture the flag, or both, or I’m not even sure anymore and then when I thought I had it figured out they broke out bog-war, well waddayuno, I was wrong. They soon explained that it is called Chayolei Beis Dovid war and that we are the soldiers in Hashems army fighting our yetzer harah and the 3 teams are the 3 things you need to win the battle. Achdus – unity, kabbolos ol – listening to the directions without question, and simcha –joy.

From scavengers to M.B.P. in the morning and then theme speech, theme song, races and the grand plays, but don’t forget the main part davening and bentching with lots of chayus. We had such a great time that by the time it was over I just wanted to do it again. Friday they announced the winners … team achdus!!!

The last shabbos of the first month was beautiful yet sad, my best friend is going home, but don’t worry, we traded addresses and I am going to keep in touch with him, I promise. Motzei shabbos was the all-star game and now we are packing up and getting ready for the banquet to begin. Gotta go but I’ll see you next month here in the Rebbe’s camp!