Mrs. Menucha Lazaroff OBM

Rebbetzin Menucha Lazaroff, a New York educator for more then 30 years, has passed away this morning.

By Binyomin Weiss, COL New York

He passed way at a Philadelphia hospital, where she spend this past year due to health complications. She was 92.

Born to Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Lipsker, Chief Rabbi of the Ukrainian city of Poltava and patriarch of the large Chassidic family, she was known for her intelligence and discipline.

She married R’ Eliezer Gershon Lazaroff in Tbilisi, Georgia, where many Lubavitch Chassidim flocked in those days. After being drafted to the Soviet army, Mrs. Lazaroff never saw her husband again, left alone to raise their two children.

The 3 member Lazaroff family lived in Paris and Jerusalem before moving to Brooklyn’s Crown Heights, where Mrs. Lazaroff worked as a principal and educator in the Lubavitch girls school Beth Rivka on Eastern Parkway.

She also played a roll in educating many young boys in her position as the camp mother of Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, NY.

She is survived by Mrs.Batsheva Shemtov, co-director of the Lubavitcher Center in Philadelphia, PA and Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff, Head Chabad Shliach of Texas.