Amazing summer news for 14 & 15 year old bochurim!

Camp Gan Yisroel NY, Lubavitch’s original and largest overnight camp, is proud to announce the opening of “The Masmidim”, a totally new and improved summer experience for bochurim ages 14 and 15. The program will be based out of the legendary “Turkey” section of our camp, but will extend far beyond with amazing trips and outings.

The Masmidim program will be headed by Yosef Kramer and will give your son the ultimate summer experience. Boys of this age are ripe for a full yeshiva program, complete with learning, and much more. The small size of our program (limited to 26) will allow for real individual attention to the success of your son’s learning skills. All this, while expressing their youthful enthusiasm in the likes of organized sports leagues, late night activities and of course weekly trips. The beautiful scenery of The Catskill Mountains provides for picturesque nature hikes, BBQ’s, canoe trips, overnights, and more.

In order for us to keep a high standard of our program we will be conducting interviews before accepting bochurim. If your son is ready for an unmatched Masmidim experience, if you want to give your son the ultimate summer of learning and a fun field experience in a Chassidishe environment, the masmidim at CGI NY is for you!

For more information please call the camp office at 718-774-4805 or email:

Registration forms can be downloaded at