Tonight’s night activity was Judgment Night! If any camper had any complaint against a staff member, this was his chance to have his day in court! Night Activity Director Dovid Taub presided as judge. Before any witness could testify, he needed to swear with the official Night Activity 5764 Oath that goes as follows: Shehe sheha shehackoy sockee bomerocky tooty fruity firecrackey tooty tooty tow. We’re gonna bring Moshiach, nad we’re gonna bring him now. Complaints varied from campers not being able to do their jobs on Topsy-Turvy Day, counselors acting bossy to bunks other than theirs’. The most interesting complaint was brought by Camper Shaya Katz against his learning teacher, Choni Kazen. Reportedly, the maintenance workers had laughed at him when they saw him punished. According to his lawyers, Shaya has been afflicted by mental retardation since the traumatic incident. Although Choni’s lawyers claimed the mental retardation was a pre-existing condition, the court still found Choni guilty. He was sentenced to a twenty second timeout, while the whole camp laghed at him.