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This past shabbos, the Internatinal Yarchei Kallah took place. This year had one of the largest turnouts ever, with over 50 rabonim attending. Many of the greatest rabbis of our time came to spend shabbos at Camp Gan Yisroel. Some guests came Wednesday afternoon. Most came on Thursday, while camp was traveling to Crown Heights.

On shabbos, the guests davened with camp. After Kabolas Shabbos, all the campers walked by the rabbis to shake their hands. For learning class on shabbos afternoon, the camp was divided into three groups, according to age. Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff, head shliach of Texas taught the youngest group. Rabbi Shalom Ber Groner, mashpia of the yeshiva in South Africa taught another class, and Rabbi Raitport of Venezuela led the third. During Shalosh Seudos, Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff told an entertaining and insightful story, which was enjoyed by all.

During the Melava Malkah many of the rabbis related what a great impression camp made on them. From the davening to the Mishnayos Baal Peh, the campers showed the rabonim how true soldiers of Tzivos Hashem behave. Overall the campers and the guests greatly enjoyed the shabbos.