Night Activity Director Dovid Taub, also the creator of www.itchekadoozy.com, put on a special presentation for Sunday’s and Monday’s night activity. Rabbi Itche Kadoozy (a puppet) played a game with the campers, called “A closer look.” A video of the show is available at www.itchekadoozy.com

Tuesday night, Rabbi Itche Kadoozy served as moderator during a night activity entitled “How Well Do You Know Your Brother?” The game is played as followsThree pairs of brothers come on stage. The older brothers leave, and the younger brothers are asked questions about their brothers. The older brothers are then called in, and they answer the questions themselves. If the brothers’ answers concur, that pair receives a point. For the first round, three pairs of campers came on stage. For the second round, Head Counselor Yudi Steiner and his two brother, Head Counselor Shaya Gopin and his brother came on stage. Itche Kadoozy himself was asked questions about his “brother” Dovid Taub.