Tisha Bav morning, after davening, bunks Aleph through Yud went to eat breakfast, while the older bunks remained in Shul for Kinus.

Throughout the summer, the campers have been receiving cards of pictures of the Rebbe as rewards. The cards are part of a set. Camp gave out special albums in which to keep the cards. Many campers have doubles of some pictures and are missing other pictures. Today everybody gathered in the dining room to trade pictures. There will be another set given out next month.

By lunchtime, bunks Aleph through Yud-Daled ate lunch.

Today was the auction, for which the campers have been earning money the entire week. Bunk Aleph won a box of Twizzlers.
Bunk Beis won two oversized beach balls.
Bunk Gimmel won 60 seconds of free canteen.
Bunk Daled won a box of assorted candy.
Bunk Hey won hula hoops for the entire bunk.
Bunk Vov won large, multi-colored cups, straws and Kool-Aid.
Bunk Zayin won picture of the Rebbe cards 1-45.
Bunk Ches won a glow-in-the-dark, miniature air hockey.
Bunk Tes won camp yarmulkes for the entire bunk.
Bunk Yud won a pizza party.
Bunk Yud-Aleph won smiley-face tennis balls.
Bunk Yud-Beis won framed pictures of the Rebbe at the Lag B’omer Parade of 1950.
Bunk Yud-Gimmel won Frisbees for the entire bunk.
Bunk Yud-Daled won Bissli snacks for the entire bunk.
Bunk Tes-Vov won bottles of bubbles for the entire bunk.
Bunk Tes-Zayin won goggles for the entire bunk, plus a floating-ring-toss-set and six rolls of scotch tape.
Bunk Yud-Zayin won kites for the entire bunk.
Bunk Yud-Ches won camp hats for the entire bunk.
Bunk Yud-Tes won two boxes of graham crackers and a jar of marshmallow fluff.
Bunk Chof won 1,000 ices. (That’s approximately 100 per camper.)
Bunk Chof-Aleph won two jars of pickles.
Bunk Chof-Beis won a box of assorted candies.
Bunk Chof-Gimmel won a postal box of cans of coke.
Bunk Chof-Daled won miniature fans for the entire bunk.
Bunk Chof-Hey won flutes for the entire bunk.

Unfortunately, due to the rain, the annual camper-counselor baseball game had to be canceled. The campers played board games and watched videos in the Shul. One the videos watched was “Al Naharos Bavel,” a vivid depiction of the Churban Bais Rishon. The play is performed in Polish Yiddish, so Rabbi Baras gave a simultaneous translation into English.

After Maariv, and breaking of the fast, it was time for the awards ceremony. The best campers from each bunk were announced, and were given their plaques and certificates. The winners of Bunk Competition were given their plaques, as well. The winners are bunks Zayin, Yud-Bias and Chof-Aleph. The winners of the championship, as well as the MVP of each division were given trophies. From Division 1, the MVP is Yanky Greene, from Division 2, Moshe Epstein, and from Division 3, Mendel Kranz. The winners of Kevutzah Competition and the winners of Talmid Hachodesh will be announced tomorrow. Everybody then trekked up the hill, to what will be (for some of us) the last night at CGI!