This Friday night the davening was absolutely amazing. Counselors, as well as learning teachers and general staff sang and danced with the campers throughout Kabolas Shabbos and Maariv. During the meal the campers watched in amazement and several kept count aloud as Head Counselor Yudi Steiner stacked up no less than thirty-four twelve packs of soda. He then proceeded to explain that this soda was sponsored by the family of Shmuel O”H Chitrik, who passed away going to Camp Gan Yisroel on the 20th of Tammuz, 1987. Every single camper (and staff member) was then given a can of soda. The remainder was distributed throughout the night. The singing continued late into the night.

The next morning we were up bright and early to get ready for the Shabbos morning davening. The campers davened with chayus and enthusiasm until the afternoon. We then went to make Kiddush and eat Seudas Shabbos. During the meal more songs were sung. After the meal there was a break until learning class/farbrengen. In honor of Shabbos the learning teachers were given chips and soda, to farbreng with their class. Learning class was followed by Seder Nigunim and Minchah. During Shalosh Seudos Night Activity Director Dovid Taub and Counselor Yosef Hott put on a hilarious rendition of “A Week in the Life of a Camper.”

After a smashing last-Maariv-of-the-Shabbos, the winners of Shabbos Completion were announced. The winners were Bunks Daled, Tes, Yud-Bais. The runners-up were bunks Chof, Chof-Alef and Yud. Due to the unusual chayos this Shabbos, in addition to the usual three winners (one from each division) and three runners-up, this week there were two bunks who got vouchers to ‘Chips and Dips’ (a local restaurant) due to their outstanding participation.