Another MBP Record Set! First Learning Class Chidon!

Today 165 campers came to Cocoa Club! This was despite the fact that no cocoa was served, due to the fast. Every camper was awarded an exclusive, color picture of the Rebbe. Rabbi Avremel Shemtov commented, “It has never happened before in the Rebbe’s camp that 156 campers came to Cocoa Club.” We are making CGI history! So far every day’s attendance was greater than the previous days’!

During Learning Class the teachers spent time reviewing the material we have learned so far because today was… the first Weekly Chidon! Each learning teacher selected one camper to represent his class. The Mishanyos and Chumash Divisions held their Chidon in the Dining Room. Learning Director Asher Hecht presided over the Chidon. After Oshi read the question, the first contestant to raise his hand would answer the question. Two judges (selected from among the campers) watched, to determine who raised his hand first. If the contestant answered correctly, his kevutzah got two points. Some times Asher asked questions to the crowd at large. The winners were Kevutzah Vov.

Also announced at that time were the Talmidei Hashavuah. They’re names and pictures will be posted in the near future. Each Talmid Hashavuah was given a beautiful certificate and a framed picture of the Rebbe.

There will be a test on Wednesday and on Thursday. All campers who receive a passing grade, and have behaved satisfactorily will be going on a trip.
The Gamara Division had their Chidon in the Shul. Rabbi Baris Presided over their Chidon. There is some uncertainty as to who won. We will post the winners we when it is known.

Due to the fast the normal activities were not played. Some campers played board games while others watched videos of the Rebbe (and last year’s camp video.)

Mazal Tov to Menachem Frank on his Hanachas Tefilin.