Once again The campers outdid themselves: 147 campers came to Cocoa Club this morning! Everyone is scratching their heads in wonder and astonishment at this amazing turnout! Tomorrow there will hopefully be even more campers present because every single camper who attends will be awarded an exclusive, color picture of the Rebbe! Notably the entire Bunk Chof-Aleph came to Cocoa Club two days in a row, Keep it up guys! Shmuel Nochum Kotlarsky was the winner for the ten speed Bicycle raffled off among all the attendees of Cocoa Club and anyone who learned a certain amount of Mishnayos Baal Peh on Shabbos. A similar bike will Iy”h be raffled off ever upcoming week. Every Kevutzah in which every member participated, in some way, in this week’s MBP was put in a raffle. The winning kevutzah was Kevutzah Chof-Daled. The will be awarded a BBQ later this week.

This morning it rained, so Learning Classes were held indoors.

Today was the first trip of the summer! We went to the Holiday Mountain Ski and Fun Park, a park that has just opened recently. Among the many features of the park that the campers got to enjoy were Go-Karts, bumper cars, an 18 hole mini golf course, batting cages, arcades, and a rock climbing wall. Throughout the park one could hear shouts of “CGI! CGI!” and “Wherever We Go” and more songs to show our pride in being the Rebbe’s camp. The Younger Division went to the park early and ate lunch at the park. The Older Division stayed in camp until after lunch and then went to the park. After lunch (for the older boys, in camp), Yudi Steiner taught the campers a rhythm to bang on a table. It went something like BANG clap BANG clap BANG BANG clap clap BANG clap BANG clap. Or something like that.

Tonight before maariv, it was announced the campers of the bunk which davened the nicest, would each receive a color picture of the Rebbe. It was defiantly a beautiful davening, and surely the Head Counselors had a hard time choosing. In the end the winning bunk was Bunk Yud-Daled!