Today 92 campers showed up to Cocoa Club. The numbers keep getting bigger, and our MPB Director, Moshe Frank, says they won’t stop growing until all 285 campers of CGI show up!

Today was the first official day of LEAGUES!! This means that for selected activities the campers are not divided by bunk but rather by team. Each team is made up of campers from many different bunks. The wins and losses are recorded, thus adding a lot more excitement and involvement. The league is divided into three divisions, based on age.

Division One’s theme is “Tzadikim Nistarim.” The names of the teams are as follows: Vaser Tregers (Water Carriers), Holtz Hakers (Wood Choppers), Oiven Macheres (Oven Makers), Shneiders (Tailors), Handlers (Merchants), Shusters (Shoe Makers), Shmidn (Smiths), Bekers (Bakers). The idea here is, that many Tzadikim Nistarim hid their greatness by engaging in simple trades.

Division Two’s theme is “Foreign Chasidim” each team is named after a different Chasidic Dynasty. The names are: Chernoblers, Premishlaners, Karleners, Hanipolers, Kaliskers, Lubliners and Tzanzers.

The Third Division’s theme is “Chasid…dish.” Their names are: Farbrengeners, Miki Dippers, Tefilin Wrappers, Yesh-less-ers, Bitul Boasters, Rak Smilers and Baal “T”ers.

Tonight during night activity, Night Activity Dovid Taub introduced the… Malafaphone Card!! For those of you who don’t know, every night, before Dovid begins that night’s night activity he speaks to his malafaphone (cucumber in English) to get information on that night’s activity. Campers can obtain a Malafaphone Card by attending Cocoa Club every Malafaphone Monday. In order for a camper to be a volunteer for night activity, he must present his Malafaphone Card, so we look forward to seeing even more campers at Cocoa Club tomorrow!