First Shabbbos In Camp a Smashing Experience

Friday morning, all MPB staff were amazed when the campers of CGI 5764 broke the record again when a whopping 90 campers showed up to Cocoa Club! We hope to see even more campers at Sunday’s Cocoa Club.

Friday night the entire camp really got into the CGI Shabbos spirit. Counselors, learning teachers, as well as general staff sang and davened out loud together with the campers. The chayusdike davening continued long into the night. Meanwhile Division #1 (bunks Alef through Daled) davened in the Bar Mitzvah Division Zal together with their Counselors and Learning Teachers.

During the Seudas Shabbos, Head Counselor Yudi Steiner spoke with great feeling how a true connection to the Rebbe can be developed in Gan Yisroel. “Gan Yiroel is the place we kids become Chassidim!” he said emphatically. He also spoke at length how the staff of Gan Yisroel would always make sure to get the Rebbe’s blessing and dollar before traveling to camp. Now we must receive the Rebe’s help through different channels. Yudi’s Heartfelt words before and after every one the songs made the singing extremely meaningful and vibrant. It is also noteworthy to mention that at the meal Yudi read an email from a camper who attended camp in 1972-73. The camper describes how he stumbled across and was reminded of the good times in Gan Yisroel. He even took a trip up to Parksville to see the camp. After the singing and a spirited bentching, approximately 80 campers chose to stay for a farbrengen. Head Counselor Shaya Goupin described at length what the Frierdiker Rebbe and his Chassidim went through in Russia, and what great accomplishments they made despite the hardships.

Shabbos morning the campers woke up early, ate snacks and then began davening. Like the night before, They Davened for many hours, interspersed with much singing. Following davening, again, the Seudas Shabbos was filled with singing. Head Counselor Shaya Goupin told a story about some small children in Russia who, despite the hardships, went to cheder every day. He then told how their teacher, and some of the children were caught, but one of them, R. Yechezkel Brod, survived, and eventually emigrated to America were he raised a Chasidishe family.

After rest period and learning classes, it was time for MIHNAYOS BAAL PEH!!!! Excited campers ran back and forth to and from their learning teacher to get tested on the Mishnayos, Tanya, Gemara, Hayom Yom, 12 Pesukim and Siddur. They then ran to spend the MPB Cash the had earned, for nosh, at the store (running out of the P.A. Office.) We will Iy”h post statistics of this week’s MPB tomorrow, but we have already been informed that the entire Kevutzah Chof-Alef (taught by Menachem Ben-Shimon) learned by heart all the Gemara they learned this past week. Keep up the good work.

After MPB Mincha was davened with the same enthusiasm as the other tefilos. Following Mincha, Shalosh Seudos was served. During Shalosh Seudos there was again much singing. Camper Yisroel Abba Batt, of Bunk Aleph, celebrated his birthday today! He was presented a cake, which he shared with his bunkmates. We then Bentched the last Bentching of the Shabbos, and went off to Daven Maariv. After Maariv the winners of Shabbos Competition were announced. The winners were (drum roll please…) Bunks Ches, Yud-Bais and Chof-Aleph!! The runners-up were (another drum roll…) Yud, Yud-Aleph, Yud-Zayin and Chof-Daled!! Mazal Tov to all to winners and keep up the good work!