Day Starts Off With a Bang at Cocoa Club and Ends With Smashing Bonfire!

This morning Cocoa Club Started off with a bang! A record breaking 73 campers showed up this morning at 6:45 to learn mishnayos baal peh. Some were even in middle of an early morning baseball game (!) and decided to stop, to learn mishnayos baal peh. Most children memorized mishnayos from Pirkei Avos. Some learned Mesechos Megillah and Berachos. At the end of the session the children were asked who would like to come tomorrow. All 73 of the campers (and also some more) said they will come back tomorrow, so we are looking forward to an even better attendance tomorrow!

Today, Sholom Ber Dubinsky from Bunk Yud memorized the most Mishnayos and Yehudah Gurevitch from Bunk Hey wowed everybody by memorizing two p’rakim of Tanya! Yasher Koach and keep up the good work!

Five of the attendees were awarded each with a stainless steel coffee mug. The winners were: Dovid Posner, Bunk Yud-Gimmel; Shneur Nagar, Bunk Daled; Steven Kalish, Bunk Bais; Mendy Brafman, Bunk Tes-vov and Yisroel Slonin from Bunk Alef. Every week a ten speed bike will be raffled of among the attendees of Cocoa Club. There are plans that every Wednesday should be “Whipped Cream Wednesday”, however this past Wednesday, there was no Cocoa Club, so tomorrow will be “Whipped Cream Friday.”

Today during lunch camper Yiroel Slonin was the first camper to raise his hand when Head Counselor Yudi Steiner asked for quiet, he also encouraged his bunkmates to be quiet. He was awarded with being able to choose anything he wanted from the canteen! Keep up the good work Yisroel!

This week was Yossi Sharfstein’s birthday, and today was the birthday of Yitzi Zakon. Happy Birthday!

Rabbi Bentzion Korf, of Florida, Farbrenged with the Bar Mitzvah Division and the Masmidim during the time of the afternoon learning class.

Tonight, in honor of Yud-bais Tammuz, the campers enjoyed the first bonfire of the summer. As the children sat on the hill waiting for the fire to be lit, they were surprised when several fire works were set off. We then sang a couple of camp songs. Rain threatened to ruin our bonfire, but Head Counselor Yudi Steiner instructed all the campers to point their flash lights to the sky and to repeat word for word the following prayer: “Hashem, Please help us enjoy the Rebbe’s bonfire tonight; indeed, here we sit poised and prepared to light the fire.” And what do you know? Miracle of miracles the fire caught! As the fire cackled loudly, and thousands of sparks flew into the air Yudi related the following story, “365 days ago campers of Camp Gan Yisrael sat here on this same hill, facing this same wood and tried to light a bonfire. But Hashem said no. Today, 365 days later, the time has come.” Marshmallows were distributed among the children. Meanwhile, Rabbi Baris told the children the story of the rise of communism and the frerdiker Rebbe’s arrest. As the campers were dismissed to maariv several more fire works were set off.

Tonight Rabbi Efriam Pikarski, Menahel of Oholei Torah came to farbreng with the staff.