Today was the first day of camp following the usual schedule. The campers woke up at 7:00, cleaned up, ate snacks and then lined up by the flag pole for the morning line up. Afterwards we davened shachris with the enthusiasm and chayus that characterizes all CGI tefilos.

After davening the campers went down to breakfast, after which the Learning Directors, Mendel Chaikin and Asher Hecht informed the campers of the structure and rules of the learning classes. In addition to the usual incentives, of selecting one talmid hashavuah from each class, every week, and one “kevutzah” (learning class) to win “kevutzah competition” at the end of each month, this year our learning directors are introducing several new programs; including a weekly raffle from tickets earned by good behavior. If a camper doesn’t win any of the raffles, the tickets can be used for to buy prizes from the CGI store. Camp will be providing the learning teachers with prizes and pictures of the Rebbe to give to their students. The youngest children will be learning Parshas Shelach. The older children will be learning Mishnaios Mesechtos Megillah and Chagigah. The oldest children will be learning Gemara Mesches Menachos, beginning Daf 29b (which deals with safrus). We will also be learning Inyonei Geulah U’Moshiach, and a collection of sichos about the various MIvtzoim.

At 12:40 everybody lined up to eat lunch – but only after washing their hands to maintain hygiene. After lunch there was a 15 minute rest period, followed by ACTIVITIES!!!! Each bunk was assigned an activity, including baseball, basketball, Frisbee football swimming and outdoor survival! After each bunk went through their three activities, the children davened Mincha, arranged by kevutzah, together with their learning teachers. During the afternoon learning class we will be learning the laws of tefilah, and a special booklet of sichos and letters about hiskashrus. Today, in honor of Yud-Bais Tammuz, we learned a bit of the history of this special day.After learning class the flag was lowered and the campers ate supper.

For night activity, we played the exciting game of “Who is That Guy?” The entire camp was shown slightly distorted video clips of various staff members. Three campers were selected to geuss who these guys might be. The accuracy rate was approximately 5/6. After maariv the Mishnios Baal Peh Director, Moshe Frank, explained the system for mishnayos baal peh for this year. It really well worked-out and exciting, so make sure to check out this spot in the future to read the news as it happens!!