Shabbos Nachamu in the Rebbe’s camp

Friday Afternoon: After bedside inspection, campers wearing their sparkling clean Shabbos clothes, headed towards their learning classes. During learning classes the camers learned a Sicha on the parshas Hashavua, and as every week they learned one of the rebbe’s Nigunim. This week they learned and sang the special nigun “Ha’aderes Veha’emuna” which was introduced by the Rebbe on Simchas Torah 5734.

Following Mincha in the shul a Siyum was made by the Counselor Eitan goldberg on the entire Maseches Sotah! After a smashing Gan Yisroel Friday night Maariv, Campers headed down towards the dining room for yet another very special Friday night meal. During the meal a very special announcement was made by H.C.Y.G. Camp will IY”H be installing an air-conditioning unit in the main building. This unit, the campers were informed, will provide air-conditioning to the dining room and the lobby. After yet another electriying meal, singing many of the brand new 5763 Hiskashrus War songs, Campers gathered to farbreng, listening to the inspiring words of L.D.Y.S.
Shabbos morning: Following morning snacks, consisting of delicious cake and milk, campers headed towards the Shul for Shachris. The Campers davened beautifully, than headed toward the dining room for yet another inspiring Shabbos meal.
As campers began heading towards their learning classes, rain began pouring down. The campers quickly ran to their rain locations, learned and farbrenged. After learning classes a beautiful sight was seen. The Shul and “Square” was covered with many eager Campers learning Mishnayos Baal Peh, and being tested by the devoted staff.
The time for Mincha approached and Campers headed towards the Shul. They davened Mincha and heard a Siyum on the entire Maseches Tomid! by the Counselor Itche Itkin. The Campers than washed for Shalosh
Seudos, sat down, ate and watched a very special SHMARYONKEE. Moshe Hecht, Dovid Taub and Mendy Blesofsky put on a very entertaining and enjoyable performance. Maariv followed, than Havdala and than a very special activity…
Tonight was Dance Night! Featuring Eitan Golberg and Shmuli Rosefeld on the Keyboard, Yehudah Rosenberger on the Guitar, and Mendy Traxler on the Clarinet, Campers danced, danced and continued dancing. The campers went to sleep worn-out, however having sweet dreams about the expected visit of their Tatties and Mommies etc, tomorrow on visiting day.