Tisha Be’av in the Rebbe’s Camp

Wednesday evening: Before Tisha Be’av began, campers and staff changed
their shoes, ate the last Seudah before Tisha Be’av and than headed to
the Shul for Maariv.

Sitting down low on turned over benches, everyone davened Maariv.
Megilas Eicha was afterwards recited by Rabbi Mordechai Dubinsky.

Thursday: Reveille was 1 hour later on Thursday morning, Tisha Be’av.
After Davening campers under Bar Mitzvah ate Breakfast. Afterwards
the camp had exciting morning activities directed by the head counselors while the staff said Kinus.

After lunch the grand camper counselor game took place. The campers won
11-6. For all those that were not interested in going to the game there
were Tisha Be’av related videos played in the Shul, as well as many
board games in the guest dining-room. Later in the afternoon a grand
Bingo game was played under the direction of H.C.Y.G.

Throughout the day campers in the soccer field area witnessed a pleasant
sight. Due to the ever increasing demand, new “Ohelim” were being constructed to accommodate additional classes

As dusk neared, campers gathered into the Shul to daven Mincha. Kriah
for Tisha Be’av was leined by counselor Itche Itkin. Mincha was followed
by a Siyum on Maseches Smochos by learning teacher Efraim Rubin.

Everyone watched a video of the Rebbe after Mincha. Following the video,
everyone davened Maariv and than headed towards the dining room to eat
supper and break their fasts.

Heading towards the dining room, campers were greeted by a mouth-watering
aroma. It didn’t take much time until the campers guessed what was
drawing them closer and closer, it was pizza! To break the fast, Camp
Gan Israel ordered one hundred and forty delicious pies of pizza!
Campers and staff contently consumed their portions of fresh pizza,
accompanied by scrumptious French-fries.