Grand Sing of Hiskashrus War in the Rebbe’s Camp –

The second day of color war continued with a bang, everybody looking forward to the Grand Sing at night. Campers woke up especially early to learn and complete their quotas for Mishnayos Baal Peh, which they recited all day long to the tayere Staff. The day was filled with smashing Davening, Benching, fun activities and races in the afternoon, including a very special team time for both teams to learn their Alma Maters. Throughout the day staff members worked very hard on setting up the Shul. Both teams prepared dazzling props and backdrops, as well as striking costumes featuring their themes.

As night began to descend, all campers got dressed up into their costumes. The team of Chosid dressed up like Pirates, and the team of Shliach dressed up like Poilishe Chasidim.

After each team was fully dressed, they each lined up in formation, and then were dismissed to the Shul. Both teams entered the Shul and settled themselves down to their teams amazing backdrops.

Campers began with their cheers, after some time the cheer slowly changed to “Hear come the judges” as the grand judges made their entry, each one outfitted in a judges robe and wig.

The time arrived for both generals to make their grand entry. To the background of a fierce storm in the ocean, Pirate Chief General Yehudah Stern managed to pull him self to safety, after nearly being overcome by the great waves. To the cheers and encouragement of his fellow pirates, he stood up and addressed them.
Subsequently General Simi Morgenstern made his grand entry, over the Williamsburg Bridge, as a Poilishe Rebbe. He headed towards the “Tisch” and began addressing his crowd of Chasidim.

Judge Yoelish Ganz than started a Nigun, both teams joined in with a smashing Chayus. Following the Nigun both teams presented their theme songs. Team Chosid presented their song first, composed by Eli Rosenfeld and preformed under the direction of Levi Gansburg. Team Shliach followed afterwards with their theme song.

The program continued with the theme speech. The speech explained the theme of the team and how the costumes are connected to it. Zev Allision spoke for team Chosid and Moishe Denberg spoke team Shliach.

The presentation of the Alma Maters began. Team Chosid proceeded, singing a very beautiful song, written by Eli Rosenfeld. Team Shliach followed, singing another beautiful song, featuring an original tune by General Simi Morgenstern. Each team then sang their Hebrew song, everyone singing with great enthusiasm. The Campers continued on singing on Lebidike Nigunim, creating an incredible atmosphere.

Amid all the singing, everyone stopped to hear an inspiring speech from Camp Executive Director Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov. Rabbi Shemtov spoke about the life of a Chosid and Shliach, how it is not just a Color War theme, rather it should be continued in everyone’s homes, throughout the year.

Laughter resounded off the walls of the Shul, as Itche Itkin and Yanky Denberg recited the lyrics of their very own comedy song. Itche and Yanky than continued on recited their Grammen for team Shliach; the campers were already falling off their seats from amusement. Getzy Markowitz continued, reciting side-splitting Grammens for the team Chosid.

The Shul soon filled up with hundreds of sincere young voices, davening the last Maariv of Hiskashrus War 5763. After singing many more Nigunim and Camp songs the Campers went to sleep enthused with Chayus and exited to find out the results tomorrow…