Hiskashrus war continues in The Rebbes Camp

Monday morning: All campers woke up bright and early for another exiting
day of Hiskashrus war in Gan Yisroel. The dining room and guest dining
room were filled up with campers, eager to complete their quotas for
Mishnayos Baal Peh. The Shul and dining room were beautifully decorated
by the hard working staff, which stayed up, preparing for yet another
smashing day of color war.

Following breakfast both teams, Chosid and Shliach, presented their
Halacha skits. Campers fell off their chairs laughing, as each team
portrayed different situations in Halacha, through humorous skits.

After learning classes each team gathered for team time. During team
time everyone learned their theme songs which were written the night
before. After lunch each team presented their songs before the judges
and the other team. As we go to press, Hiskashrus war continues to be a
smashing success.