On Sunday morning the 5th of Av a coach bus filled with 60 men, women and children from Toronto, Ontario and on their way to New York, pulled up to Gan Yisroel, NY for a brief visit.
The group was accompanied by Shluchim Rabbi Yosef Gansburg & Rabbi Mendy Kaplan.

While the men experienced a lebedike camp Shachris in the Shul the women milled around on the front lawn.

After Shachris the entire camp greeted the group with a smashing “Haveinu Sholom Aleichem”.

Before going on their way the group was treated to a delicious breakfast in the guest dining room during which they were addressed by Executive Camp Director Rabbi Avrohom Y. Shemtov.

PS. One of the visitors later remarked to an organizer that he was very impressed with the camp and he would like to send his son to CGINY next year IYH.