Grand Plays of Hiskashrus War 5763

Before a record breaking audience in camp and around the world, via the
exclusive CGI Webcam, hundreds in camp and around the world viewed the
Grand Hiskashrus War Plays.

Performing first was the team of Chosid. They preformed a wonderful play
about a young man who ventured out into the business world. As a result
of his actions he got his company into a lot of trouble. This play was
a parable onto the life of a Chosid how everything that he does and the
way he conducts himself, has an effect on everything.

Following the first play everyone went to the dining room for supper.
They returned, sat down and got ready to watch the second play of the
team of Shliach.

The play was about two young men who escape the orphanage and go into
the woods. By chance they meet the prime minister and conspire to
overthrow the evil king. After overthrowing the king the prime minister
takes over the power. He knighted his young helpers and told them not to stay in the capital and benefit, rather they must go out and spread
the message of fairness and liberty throughout the provinces. The play
gave out the message that every single Chosid can’t just sit at home;
rather he must travel on Shlichus to bring the Geula closer.

Both plays were performed beautifully, featuring amazing backdrops which
were painstakingly prepared throughout the day. Everyone, including a
worldwide audience on the Gan Yisroel exclusive Webcam enjoyed yet
another successful series of Grand plays in Camp Gan Yisroel.

On Tuesday night, exclusive coverage of the 5763 Hiskashrus War Grand
Sing will be shown on the Camp Gan Yisroel Webcam so make sure to Tune