Shabbos Chazoin in the Rebbe’s Camp

All Friday afternoon, the Campers were preparing for a very special
Shabbos, Shabbos Chazon. The Campers scrubbed, scoured, washed, rinsed
and cleansed their bunkhouses in honor of Shabbos. Afterwards bedside
inspection took place, the Head Counselors making sure everything was
immaculately, sparklingly and spotlessly clean. The Campers afterwards
quickly headed towards their learning classes. During learning classes
they learned a sicha on the Parsha, and as every week they learned
another of the rebbes nigunim. This week they learned and sang the Nigun
“ki anu amecho”.

Following learning classes the campers headed to the Shul for Mincha.
After Mincha a Siyum was made by learning teacher Boruch Shalom Wolf, on
the entire Maseschta Sotah! After the Siyum the Campers sat spellbound
as Rabbi Baras related them a story. Following the story, all staff and
campers joined in for an inspirational, stirring and rousing Kabolas

Subsequently all campers headed towards the dining room to eat their
Shabbos meal. Words can not even describe the euphoric atmosphere in the
dining room. Following the Rebbes directive, to increase in joy on
Shabbos Chazon, Head Counselor Yoelish Ganz led the campers in singing
many inspirational Nigunim and camp songs. Inspired by their counselors
initiative, Campers stretched their hands around the shoulders of their
friends, closed their eyes as hundreds of voices joined together in
emotion, elation and excitement. Following the singing, Campers sat down
together as Learning Director Shaya Gopin farbrenged about the meaning
and significance of the Nigun “Ki anu amecho”. Campers headed away to
their bunks, charged and content, getting ready to dream about the Beis

Shabbos morning: Following the morning snacks, campers headed towards
the Shul for Shachris. The Campers davened beautifully and watched in
pride as Head Counselor Simcha Morgenstern received an Aliyah in honor
of his birthday. Following Davening the campers headed toward the dining
room for yet another inspiring Shabbos Chazon meal. The dining room
rocked with Chayus as the singing was lead by head counselor Simcha
Morgenstern, throughout the duration of the Seudah. During the singing
campers were treated to a surprise as the hyped up members of the BMD
arrived from the Parksville Shul and shook up the dining room with added
joy and Chayus.

Following the afternoon learning classes, during which the Campers
farbrenged together with their learning teachers, all Campers hurried to
complete as much Mishnayos Baal Peh as possible. In honor of Shabbos
Chazon, double points were given for Tanya and the devoted staff was
occupied, testing all the eager campers.

The time for Mincha approached and Campers headed towards the Shul. They
davened Mincah and heard a Siyum on the entire Masechta Sotah, by
learning teacher Yitzi Jacobs. The Campers than washed for Shalosh
Seudos, sat down, ate and watched a very special SHMARYONKEE. Everyone
was rolling in lau8ghter as Moshe Hecht, Dovid Taub and Mendy Blesofsky
put on a very amusing and pleasurable performance. Maariv followed, than
Havdala and afterwards everyone saw a short video of the Rebbe before
heading to their bunks.