Today in the Rebbe’s Camp

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After a very topsy and turvy topsy-turvy day, routine began to settle in. During learning classes all campers were given their first test of the second month. Campers spent the past few learning classes reviewing what they had learned over the past week and half. The dedicated learning teachers of the rebbes camp, besides all their time spent preparing learning classes, spent hours to arrange and write the tests.

For the duration of the first morning learning session, tests were given out in the dining room. Many campers of the younger division crowded within, enthusiastic to put their knowledge onto paper. Afterwards, throughout the subsequent morning session, the older campers in addition came inside the dining room, to complete their tests.

Following Mincha in the Shul, campers stayed to listen to a very special Siyum. Since we are within the nine days, Siyumim are being made each day by various dedicated staff members. Today a Siyum was made, by the devoted learning teacher Zalman Korf, on the whole Mesechte Sotah! This follows yesterdays Siyum, by the devoted learning teacher Yehoshua Dubinsky, on the entire Mesechte Psachim!

As nighttime fell, campers were treated to a very special play performed by the Masmidim. The soccer field lit up under the glaring rays of the spotlights, as the masmidim performed splendidly.