Second Month Continues…

Wednesday: The first hike of the second month took place on Wednesday for a few bunks. Light showers continued but camp ran as usual. For night activity, Moshegene divided the campers into three groups: Cows, Goats, and Chickens. They then played some wild game which required animal noises to be made. Moos and clucks etc. could be heard throughout camp.

For the youngest bunks in camp ( the youngest division) a sepperate night activity was made. These bunks were also notified of the “shower competition”, exclusively for the youngest division. Shower updates to come.

Thursday: Light showers continued and indoor activities took place. A special visit by a French journalist and photographer came to camp and was very impressed.

Night Activity was entitled Guess the Voice.” Recordings of various people in camp (staff-members and campers) were played and campers tried to guess who they were. Sounds fun