Visiting day… wow it was great!

Visiting day... wow it was great!

Sunday: As campers sat in their learning classes, soaking up Chochmosoi Yisborech like a sponge soaks up an overflowing cup of Chochmosoi Yisborech, parents began to arrive bearing gifts for campers, waiters, counselors, and learning teachers. Visitors from all over the world gathered to Gan Yisroel to visit their children and siblings and to walk the holy grounds of Gan Yisroel. From the moment parents arrived, moderately exciting activities began including but not limited to: Boat-rides, survival programs, barbeques, puppet-shows and much much more…

A special round of applause for the Gan Yisroel technical staff who arranged two (not one, but two!) web-cams for the event. To showcase this website and it’s exciting yet informative updates, a computer booth was set up outside for parents to browse this site.

As the sun began to set on another day in Gan Yisroel the last few families reluctantly walked thought the gates, walked to their cars, put the key in the ignition, turned the key, stepped on the gas, and drove away, waving to their children as they did so.

Monday: At lunchtime the head staff lectured the camp about personal hygiene. Just when things were getting really scary and camper thought that they might have to change their socks, the over-night was announced. Yes, the lecture was a hoax just to break-out the overnight. The campers were delighted. Faces lit-up and the campers began to prepare for their adventure in the wilderness. Then it was rained out and everybody stayed in camp playing board games. Eh, maybe tomorrow.