Week 2 “Rolls” in…

Monday 30 Sivan: A magnificently planned, and extremely enjoyed roller-skating trip kicks off week 2 as the summers first trip.

After breakfast the younger half of camp was lead stealthily to buses and brought to the roller rink. The older half of camp sat obediently in learning class as the buses carried their younger peers away. “What’s going on?” they thought and perhaps whispered. After class, the older campers were brought together for an early line-up and were informed with great enthusiasm that they were in fact going roller skating. Oh boy!

Meanwhile, the younger bunks were enjoying their dizzy stroll around the shiny wood floor. The poles lining the walls aided those who knew not the art of roller-skating and the carpeted walls made stopping a breeze! When the buses arrived with the older campers, the younger ones hopped on the buses and were brought back to camp safely, happily, and ready for lunch.

By the time afternoon learning classes were ready to begin, all campers were back and ready to learn the holy Torah of the Holy one, blessed be he.

Tuesday: Today we were visited by inspectors from the New York State government, BOH all went well.

The campers continued to prepare in learning classes for the Gimmul Tammuz.

After supper, the campers were brought outside for a special line-up. Night activity director, Moshe Hecht announced that that all campers were to run around camp (safely) searching for papers with words on them. The bunks were then challenged to construct as long of a sentence as possible with the words they had collected. Boy was it fun. Giggles and other sounds of delight echoed throughout the camp as the sun set on another night of Gan Yisroel.