Continuation from Gimmel Tammuz –

Continuation from Gimmel Tammuz -

Thursday Night: After a moving experience at the Ohel, Camp Gan Yisroel boarded the buses once again and traveled to Crown Heights for the central Farbrengen at Beis Rivkah.
When the camp arrived, a beutiful meal was served (provided by Rabbi Benji Stock), followed by Bentching and Maariv prayers. As chassidim began to arrive for the Farbrengen, Gan Yisroel concluded their evening with camp songs and niggunim. By 2:00 am everybody arrived safely in camp and stumbled to their beds for a good night’s sleep.
Shabbos: Friday night, the begiining of the Shabbos after Gimmel Tamuz, the campers showed their inspiration by singing niggunim together with an added energy and spirit of achdus. Benches were jumped upon, hands were were clapped against one annother, koogle was eaten.
Shabbos day: After seudas shaabos the campers had a rest period and then resumed their shabbos inspiration with farbrengens for each learning class, and then Mishnayos Baal Peh. Shabbos concluded with Seudas shlishis. Shmayunkee featured four staff members and two puppets (puppets?).