The Rebbe’s Camp goes to the Rebbe…

The Rebbe's Camp goes to the Rebbe...

Wednesday night: After Mincha the campers were gathered together for line-up and told to put on their Shabbos clothes. Before supper the campers watched a speciel video presentation of the Rebbe going to the Ohel. After the video, the campers made their way to the dining room to find that a special Shabbos-like Seuda had been prepared.
After supper Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz, Shliach of the Rebbe to Moscow, Farbrenged with Gan Yisroel in honor of Gimmel Tammuz.

Thursday Morning: After breakfast, campers went to their learning classes for final moments of preparation before they wrote their PaN.

For Minchah, the Chazan Davened simultaneously with a tape of the Rebbe davening Minchah, giving the children a chance to daven with the Rebbe. Shortly after, the camp went to the buses and was on it’s way to the Ohel. Incredible planning and fantastic cooperation allowed the whole experience to run smoothly. As Gan Yisroel lined up next to the Ohel onlookers had the chance to witness the Rebbe’s camp coming to the Rebbe. Special time was allotted exclusively for Gan Yisroel, and each camper was able to through and read his name and mothers name by the Ohel. Special thanks to Abba Refson.

Thursday night: The camp loaded efficiently back onto the buses and went to Beis Rivkah for a special supper and rally.