First week of camp, and boy was it successful!

Yes, the first week of camp brought together a record breaking number of campers and therefore a record breaking number of bunks as well, including new divisions – the Bar Mitzvah Division and the Columbians.

With all the energy of a Gan Yisroel Shabbos and more, Friday night “rocked”. Indeed, every bunk contributed to the lively atmosphere of Shabbos, with Niggunim and jumping on benches.

Shabbos day featured Farbrengens for each learning class, in which each Learning Teacher had the chance to Farbreng with his Talmidim for the first time.

Three bunks won Shabbos competition and went on a special trip; Bunk Hey, Bunk Yud-Zayin and Bunk Tes-Vov

Sunday: Rain clouds moved out of the way for Gan Yisroel’s first day of sports leagues, providing the best sports experience for each camper.

The Bar Mitzvah division (aka BMD) experienced 2 Hanachos Tefillin’s on Sunday, and 2 more on Monday.

Preparations for Gimmel Tamuz continue. A special “Kuntres Hiskashrus” was printed by the Learning Directors to be learned with the campers in learning class, as part of preparation for Gimmel Tammuz and the camp’s trip to the Ohel.

Iy”h the Web Cam will be up and running by the end of this week, sorry for the inconvenience.