Yesterday afternoon we had a beautiful and exciting color war break out. After hearing on Shabbos about the new property Gan Yisroel is about to purchase, (as was written on shmais) the campers were told that someone had given an extra big donation and therefore the grounds was going to be purchased together with a big celebration on Monday afternoon. At around five o’clock the campers all went up to hill were the ribbon cutting celebration was to take place from a point where you were able to see the new grounds. Rabbi Shemtov spoke about how special this is for the Rebbe’s camp, and just thereafter H.C. Asher Deren announced that the first activity we are going to be doing is COLOR WAR. (the funny part is that the grounds are still going to be purchased)

The campers all went into the Shul to be split up into teams. General Moshe Steiner’s team was called Lehovie Es HaGeulah, and General Mendy Kaplan’s team was called Lilmoid MaiHarebbe.
At night the campers watched four smashing scavengers, about golfing court cases sewing and much more. All the campers left the Shul with a smile on their face eager to jump into their bed for another smashing day of Color War .

Tuesday morning the campers woke up early to begin learning Mishnayos Baal Peh. Followed by Davening in a beautifully decorated Shul prepared the night before by the hard working staff.

As soon as learning classes finished, the kids began practicing there theme song until they were stopped by lineup and lunch. After lunch there was the song presentation followed by races in the indoor pool.

After Minchah the campers watched a gorgeous play. After supper the kids watched a second beautiful play. Right after the plays everyone said Krias Shema, and went to sleep more tired than ever.