Tuesday, Hay Elul 8-14-2002

This morning camp was in an uproar. Just after the camp woke up there was talk of a special guest coming to camp today, so after breakfast the camp had an extra cleanup. Later on the camp got word that he is not going to come today.
During learning classes the competition continued, more classes went head to head in a game of connect four.
During activities we had Playoffs; there were enough upsets that had the entire camp talking. The number eight seed squeezed pass the number one seed 38 to 34 in a game of basketball. The second upset was when the seventh seed beat the number two seed 6 to 4 in a game of hockey. The championship will be on Thursday IY”H.
For night activity the camp had judgment night were campers bring the staff to court for what ever reason they desire. The three most respected figures that were brought to court were
1) NAD Moshe Markel – for not being funny enough.
2) HC Aher Deren for owing campers pictures of the Rebbe.
3) ECAD Levi Backman for not coming through with the trips he promised bunk Yud Daled. Whereupon found guilty promised bunk Yud Daled together with the entire camp a trip to six flags – great adventures tomorrow.
The campers went to sleep with smiles from ear to ear, awaiting the big day coming tomorrow.