MOSHIACH DAY 8-14-2002

Moshiach day, yes another great amazing day in Gan Yisroel. Truthfully every day in Gan Yisroel is a day that we are working hard to bring Moshiach, but I guess today is something special. “Line up CGI”, line up in one very very very long line to bring out the Achdus (unity) between us all. By Davening all the campers sat together (i.e. the benches were pushed together) also showing the unity between all the campers. After that by breakfast we had a special guest – the food inspector. Then came learning classes. During learning classes the younger Kevutzah’s that are learning Mishnayos Succah (which speaks about different types of Succah’s that are Possul) started building model Succah’s (with Popsicle sticks). They head a competition which Kevutzah can build the nicest one. MEANWHILE the older kevutzah’s are having kevutzah vs. Kevutzah BEES on Shulchan Aruch Hilchos Elul & Tishrei.
During the day the playoffs in the 1st division of athletics kicked off. Additionally the new NBA hoops where in full use. Most of the bunks went swimming, it was a very hot day here in Gan Yisroel. In the evening the staff had an amazing OUTDOOR play. It started off about 7:45 starring all the head staff even Rabbi Baras acted. It had to do with a Chacham in Kabul who didn’t have any children and then Hashem blessed him with a special child but later they got separated. At the end of the play the father and son reunited together again. The “Nimshal” is that we are separated from our father the Rebbe and we can’t see him physically, but very soon we will be reunited together with him with the coming of Moshiach right now.