Update Av 30 8-9-2002

To everyone’s surprise today was not a lazy day, instead everybody woke up waiting to hear who won this Hiskashrus war. After a delicious breakfast everyone was back to regular learning classes. Thereafter both teams lined up in front of the outdoor pool. All the judges were at the diving board with their yellow hats on, “and the winners are none other then the team of LEHOVIE ES HAGEULA and all the staff went for the jump. The campers all watched delightfully. Two minutes later there was line up for the entire camp. Head Counselor Asher Deren reminded everyone that we are back to our regular schedule. I just love the ole’ Gan Izzy exciting schedule.

Before activities all the campers received their applications for Topsy Turvy day, which is going to take place on Sunday and all afternoon they were going around receiving signatures from staff and campers to be elected for their positions. At night activity whoever went for one of the head positions got up and told the campers why they should vote for them.

After lights out there was a staff Seder followed by a Farbrengen with Rabbi Yehudah Leib Schapiro, Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshivah Gedolah – Miami which is still going on.