GRAND SING 8-8-2002

The second day of color war continued with a bang, everybody looking forward to the Grand Sing at night. The day was filled with smashing Davenings, Bentching, fun activities and races in the afternoon as their costumes were being prepared by some of the talented staff. At about 6:30 the campers got dressed up into their costumes. The team of Lilmoid MaiHarebbe dressed up like Baal Agolos (wagon drivers), and the team of Lehovie Es HaGeulah dressed up like fire rescuers. Throughout the day all the staff members worked very hard on setting up the Shul. Both teams had beautiful props and backdrops for the Shul, together with their excellent costumes. (as you can see in the camp pictures)

After each team was fully dressed, they each lined up in formation, and then were dismissed to the Shul. After both teams were in the Shul the “Hear come the judges” started slowly and low at first getting stronger by the second until the shull rocked from the cheer, and the first judge walked in pulling a rope with the next judge somewhere down the end of it. After the first judge reached his table he began pulling in the next one with rope, and so on with the rest of them. The judges themselves were dressed up very interesting as some of the pictures show.

At the start of the Grand Sing Judge Asher Deren welcomed all the people throughout the world who are watching the Grand Sing through the live web cam, where ever they may be.

The team of Lilmoid MaiHarebbe then presented their General Mendy Kaplan, who came in riding a real horse. Then the team of Lehovie Es HaGeulah presented their General who came in through the window of one of the props which was smoking while rescuing someone.

The chayos throughout the entire Grand Sing was amazing. Each team presented their Theme songs and Alma Matters. The Lebedike Nigun was the height of all the chayos both teams got up on the benches and literally rocked the house. At the end of the presentation of all the songs, Judge Asher Deren thanked all those watching us, and the entire camp waved goodbye while singing “Goodbye Gan Yisroel, Farewell…”.

Afterwards were the Grammen which praised, admired, commended, extolled, honored, congratulated, paid tribute to, went into raptures over all of the staffs’ talents, abilities, flair and aptitude. The camp then Davened Maariv with the Rosh Hashonoh tune which was able to be heard for miles. With both teams convinced of their win they gladly went to sleep so they should be able to here their name being announced the next morning.