Bog war and Wednesday update 7-18-2002

As previously reported, Hiskashrus war broke out with much enthusiasm. Immediately after the “celebration”, and indeed a celebration it was, the camp relocated to the Shul where teams were divided.

Team of Tziyur Penei Ha’Rebbe was led by General Ashi Hecht, and Lieutenants Shmuly Levitin, and Chezzy Deren, Team of Kesiva La’Rebbe was led by General Koppel Cohen along with his lieutenants Isser New, and Levi Gansberg, and team of Nesiah La’Rebbe was led by Yudi Steiner, and Lieutenants Zalmy Greenberg, and Yaakov Leaf.

After the teams were split up everyone davened a smashing Mincha with outstanding amount of Chayus, The teams were then dismissed by their generals for a delicious supper .

The scavengers were very funny. Constant bursts of laughter from the campers showed us that they really enjoyed the entertainment.

Lots of staff worked all Monday night writing up songs and plays.

Tuesday morning campers woke up extra early to start learning Mishnayos Baal Peh, the determining factor in deciding which team comes out victorious.

Following breakfast each team sent a camper representative to deliver the “theme speech”.

Team Time after learning classes was very intense, campers really worked hard to learn their theme songs. The teams performed their songs beautifully, after a rocking benching for Lunch.

Relay Races spiced up the day very much; it was a sight to see 3 large groups of campers cheering for different team mates.


The first one was Kesiva La’Rebbe, the next one was Tziur Penei HaRebbe, which was a story how the Russian KGB tried to send the nephew of the President of America to Kill the President, but the nephew refused, and they jailed him for that. Then the KGB continued on with the nephew’s son, who thought his father died, and just before he was going to take the mission he receives a call from a good friend of his father, who tells him that his father is alive and how just as his father refused to take the mission so to he should refuse it, and at that same time the son remembers his father telling him years ago how many test’s may come his way, but he should keep strong, and the man continues telling him on the phone that he should imagine what his father has told him and what his father continues to hold, and then the third one. All three were amazing plays, and the campers really loved them.

Wednesday morning after learning classes, the judges announced the winners, much action, fun, excitement, and lots of water was splashed over the judges and staff (see in the camp pictures). The winner was……….Tziyur Penei Ha’Rebbe!

Due to Erev 9 Av there were no afternoon learning classes, instead the activities were a bit longer, followed by Mincha and supper. The campers then changed their shoes to non-leather ones.

They then washed for Seudas Hamafsekes

Eicha was read by Moshe Markel