Camp woke up a bit later, in order to rest up from the last few days.

After lunch Hiskashrus (Bunk) war, was broken out for bunks Yud to Chof Bais. The teams are Gan Yisroel, Cheder Chabad, Shlichus, Kinnus Hashluchim, Shliach , Avodas Hashlichus, Temimim and Neiros Lehair. They began making their cheers and preparing their scavengers for later this evening.

@ flag lowering, in conjunction with this years special Chayolei HaRebbe program, 6 campers were promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

After Mincha Learning Teacher Dovid Dubinsky made a Siyum on Mesecheta Makos.

Later on in the evening the bunk war teams presented their scavengers. Bunks Aleph through Tes were in the audience.