Before Mincha the campers were shown a beautiful 15 speed bike to be raffled off after Shabbos. They were also told about Shabbos competition and a Shabbos camper from each bunk.

E.M.T. Michoel Bloom, with Chazzanus Davened Kabolas Shabbos @ the Umud. Kabolas Shabbos was very lebedik. H.C. Mendy Kornfeld honored some staff members including Levi Hodakov, CEO of to start a Niggun for the different stanzas of Lecha Dodi.

The younger bunks left to the dining room a few minutes earlier for Seudas Shabbos. Seudas Shabbos was delicious.

Once again, the world renowned Gan Izzy Friday night kicked in with lots of joyous singing. Following the meal a few dozen campers stayed on to Farbreng, with H.C. Moshe Steiner.

Shabbos morning there was Mikva in the indoor pool followed by snacks – kokosh cake, fruit & cereal. Camper Shaya Spalter – Morristown, NJ davened Shachris.

Before Kriah, H.C. Asher Deren auctioned off the Aliyos for campers & bunks who would learn Mishnayos Baal Peh.

Due to the very long double Parsha 2 Baalei Keriah were needed to lain. Rabbi Shemtov received Maftir.

Towards the end of lunch Levi Hodakov, CEO of Shmais News Service & treated all the campers to delicious, frozen, 3 flavored, Itzakadoozie ices. The CEO treated all the campers in honor of his 28th birthday. The campers were very appreciative and broke out singing Happy Birthday &

After a very lebedik lunch led by H.C. Moishe Steiner, there was rest period & canteen, followed by Farbrengens that each learning class has with their learning teacher.

Rabbi Shemtov farbrenged in honor of Shabbos Mevorchim, with the staff in the guest dining room. Yeshivas Kayitz joined later with their Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Moshe Wolberg. That Farbrengen went on all afternoon.

After learning classes there was a very succesful M.B.P. session.

After M.B.P. camp davened Mincha, followed by Seder Nigunim, Shalosh Seudos & of course Shmaryonky.

This weeks’ Shmaryonky was put on by Division Head Moshe Markel & Y.K. member Berel Kaufman.

A smashing Maariv was the conclusion to a wonderful Shabbos, the 2nd Shabbos of the 47th year here in The Rebbe’s Camp.

The winners of Shabbos competition were bunks, Tes Zayin, Yud Gimmel & Vov. Honorable mentions went to bunks Chof Beis, Hay & Yud Tes.