Coming from a great Shabbos in camp Gan Yisroel 7-4-2002

With the Gan Yisroel spirit invigorating every camper, and M.B.P. in every campers head there were announcements that the winners of Shabbos competition were none other than bunks
Hey (division 1), Yud (division 2), and Tes-Zayin (division 3), honorable mentions were bunk Yud Aleph and bunk Yud Gimmel.
The week started off with more M.B.P. being memorized in the morning during cocoa club. although the head counselors had sore throats due to the amount of campers that they had inspired on Shabbos they did not need to strain their voices any longer for a new microphone was installed in the shul and they were given a megaphone to use for the dining room, line-up, and on many other occasions
Once the week started there was a need for things to start rolling so the entire camp went on the first trip of the summer roller skating. where the campers had a chance to show their innovation from some kids skating backwards to others doing “fancy falls”, the counselors ran some games including limbo. As the excitement of camp was taking over the M.B.P. chart was marked to show how much every camper had learned on shabbos.