Staff Play 5761

Today the staff produced a wonderful play. The theme was “Tziur Pnei Harav” (Visualizing the face of the Rebbe). The story tells of a father and his two sons, who lived in Spain during the times of the inquisition. The father was a chief rabbi, as well as an expert Sofer, who passed on the expertise to his older son. Knowing that the inquisition was about to execute him, the Rabbi sends off his sons to Amsterdam, instructing the older son to take care of his baby brother. As they arrive in Amsterdam, the older son begins to teach the younger one, how to be a Sofer, as his father requested. Realizing his brother’s lack of interest, being that he didn’t remember his father, the older son shows the younger one a painting of their father. Upon seeing the painting, the son now has an appreciation for the wishes of his father whom he never saw and knew. As life goes on, the younger son gets involved with bad company, and in a short while, he finds himself in a church, with the priests urging him to be baptized. Just as the priests begin to recite the prayers, the son begins to remember his older brother telling him that in difficult times, he should always visualize his father’s face. With the image of his father coming to mind, the son is filled with courage and flees from the church.
The lesson the campers learned from the play, was that even someone who never saw the Rebbe, still now, through picturing the Rebbe?s face, from what we see in pictures and videos, can have the strength necessary to fulfill the Rebbe’s will.