Yesterday afternoon this was a hub of activity going on @ Gan Yisroel, NY. The campers and staff were all told that a big Gvir would be coming to visit camp and everyone was asked to go change into dark pants and white shirts.

A large podium covered with purple material and with a large shtender on top was set up near the flagpole. A purple material carpet was rolled out from the podium until the blacktop road that circles the Shul.

While the preparations were going on in camp Masmidim director Yossi Waks was recruiting 2 people to serve as bodyguards to accompany the Gvir in his limousine to camp.

The two bodyguards Yossi Waks recruited from the Mobil station in Parksville were Mike Weintraub & Dan McInnis from Binghamton. The two were given white shirts, ties & sunglasses and then entered the black stretch limousine along with the Gvir – Yossi Katz.

When the limo pulled into camp the bodyguards went out of the limo and the Gvir walked out too, Rabbi Shemtov went over to the Gvir to welcome him to camp. Meanwhile the entire camp that was lined up beautifully began singing Haveinu Sholom Aleichem. As the Gvir walked over to the podium he shook hand with many campers that were chosen to be the official greeters.

In middle of his speech to the camp, the Gvir said “…and now it’s a good time to tell you about COLOR WAR!”. Immediately all the staff along with the two bodyguards began singing and dancing “Lo Yisa Goi”. The kids were shocked and many of them were overheard asking “he came all the way to camp to break out Color War?”

After the breakout it was learned that one of the bodyguards, Mike Weintraub was Jewish. Not wasting any time Tefillin were bought and Yossi Waks helped him put on Tefillin, for the first time! A limo, a Gvir, a Color War breakout and a Karkafta, only in the Rebbe’s camp.

The name of the war is Shnas Hameah war and the names of the teams are Meah and Meah Va’Achas