Tuesday – Yud Aleph Av 8-6-2001

On Tuesday, sometime in middle of Shacharis, all the counselors mysteriously disappeared. Campers were left confused and in despair as they couldn’t figure out what had happened to their counselors. Campers gathered in front of the shul to discuss the situation. Rumors began to circulate. “Maybe it’s a color war breakout” said one camper, his voice filled with hope. Other speculations included: “I bet they went to Hershey Park without us” and “They probably went SCUBA diving”, just to name a few. Overall, there was a shared feeling of lack.
In order to compensate for all the counselors who couldn’t be found, and to alleviate the pain, right after lunch, the campers were treated to ice cream. In the camp square, there were different lines for: vanilla, chocolate, chocolate and other delicious flavors. The response was very positive. One very happy camper was even overheard offering to let his counselor stay out of camp even longer, if the campers would get pizza for supper.
The suspense finally came to an end today, as the results for Topsy-Turvy Day were publicized. Inside sources report, that the head staff of Topsy-Turvy Day have received the full benefits, including: A room in the Debra, a radio, a key to the head staff office and even a key to the game room.