Topsy Turvy in CGI 8-6-2001

Wednesday, in Camp Gan Yisroel was Topsy-Turvy Day 5761/2001. For the past 3 days, campers were campaigning for various staff positions. On Monday night, all the candidates had to give a speech and demonstrate their ability to do the job of the staff member they had chosen to be. On Wednesday, the Night Activity Director, Levi Tenenhaus, announced the results of which campers became which staff members. The following is a list of the results.

Head Counselor
Motti Harlig
Yoni Marks
Shaya Spalter

Learning Director
Shmaya Futerfas
Hendel Futerfas
Levi Harlig

E.C.A.D – Trip Director
Henoch Rosenfeld

Sruli Lipszyc

Batting cages & Game Room
Mendel Avtzon

Kuti Kalmenson

Eli Shochat
Sholom Neistein

Kitchen (Mashigiach)
Michoel Gutleizer

Head Lifeguard
Shmueli Veshedsky

Shalom Klein

Night activity
Chaim Leiter

Peretz Kazen

Office Manager
Leibel Greenbaum

Program Director
Levi Treitel

Yanky Komar

Van driver
Shimon Shur
Moshie Grossman
Chaim Yoel Lipszyc