Gan Yisroel, NY founded by the Rebbe 46 years ago completed a smashingly successful first session on Monday morning.

B”H the first session saw the campers grow both spiritually & physically and at the same time enjoying themselves tremendously. The highlight of the first month had to be “Project Shlichus” and that will IYH continue with much force during the second session that started today.

On Sunday night, supper was turned into a mini-banquet for the campers who were only staying in camp for one session. During the banquet the campers were privileged to hear greetings from Executive Camp Director Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchok Shemtov, Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar and the Head Counselors.

In addition prizes and certificates for Best learning classes & campers & trophies from the Toras Rabeinu leagues were distributed.

Meanwhile, the second session is B”H off and running where the first session concluded. With an additional 30 k”ah campers, bringing the total of campers to 270 k”ah, the Shul, dining room and camp in general is rocking with Chayus.

On Monday afternoon before lunch all the Campers went to the Shul for orientation and the dividing of the bunks, from the Shul they went to the dining room for a delicious lunch that included tuna fish, fresh French fries, salad and chocolate & vanilla pudding. To top lunch off, Fadak Inc. headed by CEO Levi Hodakov sponsored delicious citrus ices for all the campers.